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Welcome to eBook Freeway! This library was created, so that you can find online ebooks in an easy to read format. 

Why use eBook Freeway?
  • We offer Free and Paid eBooks.
  • We offer professional eBooks from traditional publishers and Ebooks written by and promoted by the authors.
  • We accept submissions for just about any eBook.
  • We have popular titles as well as untraditional eBooks.
  • eBooks cost a fraction of the price of a physical book and usually you can download them right after payment. Instant gratification for a fraction of the price and you don't even have to leave the house!
  • We link to and broker to other eBook directories. Meaning you can come to one place and have it all!
  • We give the users the ability to rate and comment on an eBook without having to log in and create an account. So if you have an opinion about a listing, please tell the other viewers what you think!
  • That we know of, there is not one directory that offers: Free and Paid eBooks, traditional and untraditional titles, and accepts submissions for free.

There are many reasons why eBooks Freeway is a better directory for both the visitors and the authors. We believe that if you offer free and paid ebooks and accept submissions from authors, the end user benefits from the most comprehensive list of ebooks. The attempt of this library is to bring both the reader and author together successfully for the most comprehensive directory available. We are brand new and will add titles daily. If you don't find something you like please contact us and recommend a listing or category. We are completely open to suggestions and recommendations for this website. If not, please check back later (Just use the bookmark button in the top left hand corner). We have the ability to get almost any ebook and list it on our site including best sellers. Soon we will have a huge library for a fraction of the price of traditional books!

So sit back, relax, watch us grow quickly, and enjoy the experience!
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